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International Labour Migration And Its Implications Social Work Essays

Worldwide Labor Migration And Its Implications Social Work Essays Worldwide Labor Migration And Its Implications Social Work Essay Worldwide Labor Migration And Its Implications Social Work Essay 2003 ) . In Northeast piece of Thailand, in impossible to miss, worldwide movement has become so much a segment of the activity of the modest community as we found in old sections, in both monetary and cultural footings, that it was seen as holding become standardized inside the modest community scene. Apparently, there are the two advantages and weaknesses for country families as an outcome of the movement of family unit individuals to abroad. While their going lessens nearby work power and handiness to gracefully regular individual consideration or family help, rustic families may benefit from remittals or get pride from their family unit individuals word related or cultural accomplishment in the new scenes ( Asis, 2006 ) . Moreover, relocation including conceivable return are likely antiphonal to the changing situation of the families. The fundamental subject is that displacement influences bolster trades among migrators and their families which sway the families cultural and financial prosperity. A portion of the modifications will take to increases and others to losingss for each gathering ( Asis, 2006 ) . At the point when a family part relocates, the most seeable and quick effect is the material advantage, in impossible to miss improvements in the financial situation of the family unit. As we found in Chapter 7, the pay degree and financial prosperity of families are improved after relocation going. While improved financial fortunes after movement have been noted in an extent of surveies, the cultural expenses of their going, especially on those left-behind, have been much of the time excluded from the relocation writing. While army movement surveies have just perceived that relocation is non essentially the worry of the individual yet alongside includes and influences the migrators families, less surveies have advanced to investigating in thing the fortunes of those left-behind and how their lives have been reshaped in a mind boggling mode by the going of cardinal relatives ( Toyota, Yeoh and Nguyen, 2008 ) . This examination was centered around fear of global work relocation and the prosperity of families rather than portability itself, and this region looks to focus on the effect of universal movement on two obviously stationary ; the matured and the children who are in effect deserted by moving adults who are their children ( for the matured ) and guardians ( for the children ) . The examinations of this region depend on the hands on work informations from family polls and meetings. Because of the limitations of informations gathered, the examinations here are centered around a few family cases during the hands on work. 8.2 Wellbeing OF THE ELDERLY 8.2.1 Migration and Social Support Given the point of convergence of examination, I am particularly intrigued by the prosperity of matured guardians who left-behind in rustic families. Despite the fact that the effect on the migrators themselves is past the scope of the current study, it is of import to perceive that for guardians, the migrators prosperity seems to hold been a definitely a greater amount of import thought than their ain prosperity, especially when children left to happen work in abroad. Questioner: When she was roughly to go forward, did you accept with whom you would populate? Did you consider yourself in such manner? Father: I was scarcely worried about myself. Since I have some land, cultivating work and another kid, I just stressed over the young lady who left spot. She was youthful at that cut ; she may non hold pondered it. ( Case 103 ) From the above articulation, we can imagine that since quite a while ago run reasonings of relocation for provincial parent s prosperity in mature age were only sometimes considered by either transient children or their folks at the clasp of beginning going from place. This conceivable gets from a few cardinal impacts. In the first place, given the youthful age at which transitory children left, the underlying going ordinarily happened when the guardians themselves were still monetarily dynamic and truly great. Therefore, guardians as often as possible did non see an interest for the child to remain in the region to support them. Second, given that today s matured ordinarily have numerous children, when one withdrew abroad, there would as often as possible despite everything be others at place or close by. In add-on, when children relocated, there was every now and again echt uncertainness about the changelessness of the move, and a few guardians held viewpoints or possibly trust tha t at least one of their children would along these lines return. To the degree that the findings for the rustic guardians prosperity were considered by either party, it was typically from a more prompt than a since quite a while ago run position. The failure of certain guardians to back up their transient children sufficiently added to this. Some with little or no land considered the to be of their children as lightening financial strain inside their family. Questioner: Having your children leave place for here and at that place, at times returning so go forthing again, makes you concerned, does nt it? Father: No, non by any stretch of the imagination. Simply that they have an occupation and cash without relying monetarily upon us. Their life off, it is good for us. They come place one time each twelvemonth or on crossroads of family unit occasions. ( Case 72 ) Undeniably increasingly normal, curiously in the Northeast part, was the hope of the help that transient children would have the option to flexibly to their folks not long after the transition to reduce current financial difficulty. The idea that relocation could help to back up guardians could be started by either the child or the parent. She said she did nt wish life in the open country, however ideal life in the city. She talked with me and disclosed to me that, on the off chance that she could pick up cash, she would guide me a few. So I let her movement as she wanted to be, going for work, non for cheer. Leaving to work, she could stand to take care of herself and the family unit. Remaining here, she had nil to make. ( Widowed mother, Case 238 ) Not all guardians, all things considered, anticipated important material help. A few unequivocally denied this, doing clear that their essential thought was that the move would benefit their child. Communication with transient children, including up close and personal contact, is an esteemed and of import start of cultural and passionate help for matured guardians. Since the relocation of children obviously lessens chances for vis-à-vis cooperations, it possibly subverts such help. In any case, geological division does non forestall keeping contact, and occasional up close and personal contact is conceivable through visits. In the undermentioned region, I look at how contact among guardians and transitory children is kept up, each piece great as the nature and frequence of visits in any case. Keeping Contact While Away In the no so distant past, keeping contact, especially on a standard or continuous balance, was hard for both provincial guardians and their children populating in inaccessible topographic focuses in abroad. In the event that guardians frantically expected to make transient children, the main choice was through wire. This required both dish to a station office and cognizing a reference where the child could be reached. The last could introduce a genuine activity if the child moved frequently or lived in temporary housing normal for those in building work, a typical business of transient children abroad. Letterss could be utilized for less squeezing undertakings, however took a few yearss to get, required education, and took an endeavor to create. Messages could be passed by go betweens who went to and fro, however this relied upon circumstances ( Knodel et al. , 2000 ) . In the last barely any mature ages, the across the board handiness of migrant telephones has actually altered the capacity of rustic guardians and their children populating another state to arrive at one another. At the point when I led hands on work, private land-line phones are uncommon. Open pay phones, albeit now regular in modest communities, are often faulty and are just helpful for naming out however non for having calls ( Interview informations, Case 219 ) . Conversely, traveling telephones are both advantageous and logically normal. The gigantic greater part of guardians detailed that they have had in any event infrequent and, in army examples, sensibly visit telephone contact with transient children through migrant telephones. Many had an itinerant telephone of their ain, commonly gave by a transient child. Once in a while a co-inhabitant child or grandkid would hold a migrant telephone. Indeed, even seniors with no migrant telephone in the family ordinarily had dish throug h a neighbor or close by connection. Only a couple of examples, phone contact was now and again saved for squeezing undertakings, and in this way rare. In add-on to extraordinarily facilitating contact for cultural and passionate grounds, migrant telephones other than serve commonsense aims for the two guardians and children. Spouse: Merely a ring. We do nt hold one, however the entirety of our children do. It has gotten substantially more advantageous since traveling telephones are utilized everyplace. They were costly prior, yet I ve heard now the rate is securing littler. Previously, we needed to form them letters, which took long to make their authorities. It s better now by means of telephone. ( Case 219 ) Questioner: What do you make, when you need to gain in contact with the transitory children in abroad? Spouse: I call them using a migrant telephone. We much of the time call one another. They call me to ask about us in the event that I neglected to contact them for exorbitantly long. ( Case 219 ) One situation that unmistakably served to expand the likeliness of successive calls was the nearness of the transient child s ain children in the family. Transient boies or young ladies would name to investigate up on and converse with their children if the children were old bounty, yet at a similar clasp they would other than address their ain guardians. In certain examples, the grandkids had even been given their ain phones. Cell phones other than make it simpler for migrator

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buy custom The Dell Corporation essay

purchase custom The Dell Corporation paper Dell Corporation foundation was in 1984 by Michael Dell. He was an understudy at Texas University. In the year 1999, Dell was the main PCs vender in the United States. It was second around the world. The accomplishment of the organization is marvelous. The explanation is that it created from being an understudies own organization to a major organization with a large number of representatives. The organization manages the offer of PCs and other related PC administrations. The organization has developed through acquisitions and including its client base. There are one of a kind factors that make the organization novel from different organizations that manage similar items. Different organizations that manage PCs and other related administrations are Hewlett Packard, Apple, and Toshiba. The organization is driving out different organizations in the business managing work stations. It has an astoundingly proficient and creative framework where there is little nearness in the retail advertise. Dell has a one of a kind procedure of keeping up consistency of the item parts. At the point when the organization gets an agreement on realistic cards, it tends to have the option to draw in providers rapidly. This is a bit of leeway to the customer. On account of business purchasers, it is practically difficult to do support of the item as parts change each time one buys another PC. The organization offers an exceptional program to business people. This program guarantees the representatives that the organization will keep up the parts of its it ems for quite a while. Numerous organizations managing the offer of PCs don't offer such affirmations to their customers. The organization effectively takes an interest in a program known as Environmental insurance office. It has partaken in this program for quite a while. It is a situation assurance program that expects items to meet certain capability of vitality star. The organization offers numerous workstations, PCs and printers that meet theserequirements. It additionally prompts minimization of naturally touchy materials transmitted during age of intensity. The majority of the items created by Dell Company expend little vitality, under 5 watts when worked in low force mode. The organization has made an additional stride in limiting the measure of time devoured before entering a low force structure. Dell Corporation has capabilities for its ability to let down the costs of its PC items. This makes the items to be moderate since the organization has power over its sellers. The organization has had the option to impact the internet services to an incredible bit of leeway. It very well may be noticed that Dell is a first provider of PCs through the web. The key decisions along with viable methods of accomplishing them have assumed an essential job in the achievement of the organization. One of the key components of accomplishment in business is the gracefully chain the board embraced by the organization (Hitt, Ireland Hoskisson 2009). Most contenders of Dell Corporation attempt to duplicate its plan of action. In the offer of its PCs and PC benefits, the Dell Corporation has embraced an immediate plan of action. It has discarded the exchange markup. It has likewise killed a few dangers associated with enormous loads of completed products. It consistently gets parts a few minutes or hours before it begins collecting them to meet a clients request. In different circumstances, the organization holds six days of stock as long as eleven days. Its rivals can have as long as 58 days of stock. This is profitable to the organization since the expense of PC segments drops every day. It isn't beneficial to purchase enormous inventories without a moment's delay since they can be bought later at a lower cost. The organization perceives three client fragments. One of the client fragments is the enormous associations that incorporate government foundations and largge organizations. The other client portion is medium and independent ventures. The last section is close to home purchasers who involve the huge level of Dells deals. The organization has received a virtual combination mode because of increment in the quantity of clients. This realizes direct relationship with clients. The advancement of data innovation has assisted Dell Corporation with having a nearby association with the clients (Holzner, 2006). Two fundamental courtesies that carry dell closer to its clients are platinum committees and head pages. They are completely found in the web destinations. The organization has additionally embraced a form to arrange gracefully system. The system includes a chain that produces quality items and administrations that dependent on singular client prerequisite at a lower cost. The organization takes part in assembling items and administrations that meet clients determinations at a brief timeframe and conforming to data innovation. The organization picks providers who have understanding, capacity and skill to convey items on schedule. The presentation of the providers can be evaluated by the organization. After like clockwork, the organization meets the providers in order to get the immediate criticism that includes future desires and execution of the organization. The exhibition appraisal is completed by the utilization of a score card that has an examination of each provider with that of the contenders. The assessment has a base on cost, dependability, progression and nature of gracefully. The dell organization has created systems that are substantial. These systems expect to improve the presentation of the organization. This makes it to be one of the top best firms in the offer of PCs and PC segments. In any case, this doesn't imply that the organization is flawless in its tasks. It can beat the difficulties, it faces. Contenders ought to gain so much from Dell Corporation. Purchase custom The Dell Corporation exposition

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Interview The Difference Between Editing and Proofreading - The Writers For Hire

Meeting: THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN EDITING AND PROOFREADING With conventional distributing on the decreaseâ †independently published books spoke to 31 percent of  e-book deals on Amazons Kindle Store in 2014 †a greater number of writers than everâ shoulder the duty of ensuring their books contain perfect, cleaned, and exact duplicate. That implies, in a perfect world, that theyre recruiting experts to calibrate their original copies once the composing is finished. The catch is, when individuals request that experts edit or alter their books (or some other sort of duplicate) the customers desires may not coordinate the experts. For certain individuals, altering implies checking spelling and syntax. Others consider it molding the general structure of the original copy. During her most recent meeting on The Price of Business, Wintress Odom of The Writers For Hire discusses mentioning editing and altering administrations and offers tips that customers can use to make sureâ everyone is one a similar page. Snap play to hear the meeting. document.createElement('video');

Satanism Essays (937 words) - Church Of Satan, Satanism,

Satanism Satanism Sociology/Psychology I am trusting I can by one way or another cause this to appear as though a mental report without causing it to lose any of it's significant subtleties. My objective recorded as a hard copy this paper is to ideally cause individuals to comprehend and concur that Satanism isn't a Demon Worshipping, creature mangling, kid scarifying religion association. The mental thing comes in when individuals state Satanism isn't right or malevolence, they hear the word Satan and consequently expect that it must be awful. They make these suppositions without setting aside the effort to discover the realities and get them. I'll begin by saying that Satanists don't love the villain! A Satanist accept that the person as an individual guideline their own predetermination and are the divine force of their own lives. Satanism is a religion dependent on the truth that man is a creature, similar to all others. They decide to isolate themselves from a general public where normal conduct is smothered and the solid help the frail. The normal Satanist can't help contradicting quite a bit of Christianity. From various perspectives Christians are considered the enimies. Christians state Satan is a fallen blessed messenger, not a God. All religions have divine beings and evil presences, some of which are taboo by a run of the mill society. Satan is one among these, initially brought about by the Hebrews, some time before the introduction of Jesus. Most Satanists know about the lessons of Christianity, and have perused the Bible or part of it. They essentially believe the Bible to be bogus and ignore it much like Christians would dismiss books which speak to the establishment of another religion. Satanism isn't viewed as a religion for the white race and ought not be mistaken for or gathered with skinheads, The KKK, Nazi's, Neo-Nazi's, or individuals who bolster white force. Satanists are not adolescent vandals, not pack killers, not psychopathic homicides, not y oungster molesters or horrendous attackers. Satanists don't forfeit small kids or creatures. The ninth and tenth of the Eleven Satanic Rules of The Earth restrict this, truth be told, creature penances are fundamentally utilized in the Afro-Caribbean syncretistic religions, for example, Voodoun, Candomble', and Santeria. Kid Sacrifices are utilized in Television and by writers to improve evaluations. A Satanist doesn't rehearse infant reproducing or kid attack. Proof doesn't bolster what is said to happen. On the off chance that the quantity of murders said to be submitted by Satanists' was precise a few bodies would have been found at this point. Individuals from the Church of Satan are included and progressed precisely as their own wants, capacities, and achievements direct. There are no set exercises, gatherings, or contacts. Another part comes into the association in a perfect world with their own objectives and plans of accomplishing them. When being brought to the congregation of Satan new individuals are advised to not let anybody instruct you what to accept or. Guidance or suggestions are a certain something; requests or orders very another. Recollect that you are a free being, not a pawn in somebody's capacity dream. They accept the more vulnerable components of society should serve the more grounded components of society or die. Satanists bolster any methods for coming back to the request for Darwin's Natural Selection Process, this is comprehensive of end of government assistance to particular sanitization of those more fragile components. Powerless components are controlled by execution and insight, not race or religion. So where does Satan come into the entirety of this? Satanists trust Satan (and different divine beings) isn't so much an element as a power of nature. These divine beings are not all worried about the life of humans. Satan is an exceptionally amazing word that fills in as a separation among Satanists and society. It is this partiti on a genuine Satanist acknowledges and holds dear. the division of a general public where the solid and willing work for what they need and need yet are compelled to help the feeble through government assistance and noble cause. Satanists' realize their sentiments may not be politically right, however they despite everything comply with the laws overseeing man on this planet and they anticipate indistinguishable insurance under the laws from different minorities, races and religions. There are a few divisions of the accept frameworks of different Evil gatherings. Satanism has changed such a great amount from it's unique structure.

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Effect of Temperature on Enzyme Activity Essay Example

Impact of Temperature on Enzyme Activity Paper The target of this examination was to decide the impact of temperature on the rate that catalysts work. The reason for existing was to decide if expanding the temp made the chemicals progressively dynamic, and provided that this is true, at what temperature does the movement begin to decrease. The analysis comprised of thirty test tubes, with 5 test tubes at every temperature. The temperatures utilized were 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60 degrees Celsius. For every temperature there were four test tubes with a sucrose substrate, a support, and a protein, and one test tube with just sucrose substrate, a cradle, and refined water. After the fluids were blended and left for precisely twenty minutes, DNS was added to each test cylinder and afterward each cylinder was bubbled for 10 minutes, lastly the test tubes were expelled from any warmth and refined water was included. At long last the clear test was put in the photograph spectrometer, and the outcomes were contrasted the other four test tubes with decide the assimilation rate for every temp. Contrasted and the best fit line for the given information, the normal ingestion was plotted and afterward determined to decide the miniaturized scale moles of sucrose at every temp, and from that point the pace of small scale moles of sucrose every moment. We will compose a custom paper test on Effect of Temperature on Enzyme Activity explicitly for you for just $16.38 $13.9/page Request now We will compose a custom article test on Effect of Temperature on Enzyme Activity explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer We will compose a custom article test on Effect of Temperature on Enzyme Activity explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer The outcomes were that at 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60 degrees Celsius the normal absorbance was .2895, .6880, .9100, 1.515, 1.670, and 1.345 separately. This shows from 10 to 50 degrees Celsius the chemical movement expanded, anyway eventually over 50 degrees Celsius the compound action diminished. This infers catalysts are progressively dynamic around 40 and 50 degrees Celsius and less dynamic either underneath or over those temperatures. The information gives grounds to an end that chemicals are progressively dynamic around 40 and 50 degrees Celsius, and less dynamic on either end, with the movement declining pointedly toward either extraordinary. Presentation The motivation behind the trial was to decide the impact of temperature on catalyst movement, explicitly Invertase. Invertase is a chemical that catalyzes the cleavage of Sucrose into Fructose and Glucose. Chemicals are synergist proteins that are utilized to accelerate responses. Compounds accelerate responses by bringing down the actuation vitality expected to finish a response in four different ways: by uniting the substrates close, orientating the substrates accurately, advancing corrosive base responses, and barring water from the receptive condition. All together for a concoction response to happen, the essential segments of the response should initially associate with one another. Much of the time, this connection is direction explicit: one crash between 2 particles will permit the response to continue while another impact of various atoms won't. The dynamic site of a protein not just gives a particular situation to substrates to connect, yet accurately arranges the substrates in question, permitting the response to continue. Corrosive base responses are a significant segment of numerous concoction responses. Catalysts advance corrosive base responses by bringing proton-tolerating and proton-giving R gatherings of amino acids in closeness to substrates. Another way compounds bring down the enactment vitality is by closing out H20. Chemicals tie substrates so firmly in their dynamic site that a few or the entirety of the water particles in arrangement are closed out. The nonappearance of water particles extraordinarily brings down the enactment vitality for responses that require a non-polar condition or responses that happen between hydrophobic substrates. While chemicals do bring down the initiation vitality of responses, the rate at which they do this relies upon numerous elements. Temperature is one of the components that decides at what rate proteins will catalyze responses. All compounds have a temperature extend at which they catalyze the most responses. Additionally at either end of the temperature range, chemicals will stop to work. Proteins are held together by a blend of Hydrogen Bonds, Hydrophobic communications, and Vander divider associations. These powerless, non-covalent associations can just hold proteins together under quite certain ecological conditions (temperature, PH, salt fixation). As any or these conditions become excessively brutal, the non-covalent bonds which hold the chemical together are not, at this point ready to do as such. At the coldest temperatures, compounds won't work on the grounds that the particles in a particular arrangement would not move, and in this way the catalysts won't interact with any substrates with which to respond. At the most smoking temperatures the powerless non-covalent bonds are not sufficiently able to hold the high vitality segments of the compound together. This examination, while significant is not the slightest bit historic. The information gathered won't shock anyone, yet it will assist with strengthening the end that temperature impacts chemical action in the manner that at boundaries of temperature proteins won't work, and some place in the middle of the absence of movement will be the perfect temp for every particular catalyst. Additionally this analysis will enable the class to learn firsthand how temperature, and the various components that impact compound movement, really do. Each segment of the analysis had a particular reason, to help in the plan of an end. The objective was to test the impact of temperature on catalyst movement. To test this, 5 test tubes were warmed at temperatures at 10 degree interims somewhere in the range of 10 and 60 degrees Celsius, four with all the arrangements present, and one consistent with everything aside from the chemical. The reason for the control was to decide the shading change (assimilation pace) of the sucrose arrangement contrasted with a test tube with no compound. In the event that there was an adjustment in shading even without the compound, the control would decide how much change was because of catalyst movement, and what amount was random. After the warming at every particular temp for 20 minutes, DNS was included. The reason for DNS was to stop the response and give information to how much protein action occurred. The DNS responded with the glucose, and the arrangement with DNS would change shading relying upon how much sucrose was isolated into glucose and fructose. The more chemical action the darker the shading, and the darker the shading the more light would be consumed by the test tube while in the spectrophotometer. Without the DNS one would not have the option to tell with such exactness exactly how dynamic the catalyst Invertase was. The test tubes were set in bubbling water when the DNS was added to accelerate the particles and to ensure everything that could respond, did. Strategies and Materials At first, genuinely huge measuring glasses containing faucet water were warmed to temperatures somewhere in the range of 10 and 60 degrees Celsius at 10 degree interims. At the point when the water in these measuring utencils arrived at the ideal temperature, utilizing whatever strategy important, the water was controlled to remain at the temperature for whatever length of time that essential, in any event 30 minutes. After the ideal temp was reached, 5 test tubes for every temperature were readied, and each test set of test tubes was numbered 1-4, and B. Every one of the 5 test tubes were at first loaded up with .5ML of the sucrose substrate, and .5ML of the support. After that four of the test tubes had .5ML Invertase included, while the other had .5ML of refined water included. When all the fundamental arrangements had been included, the arrangement of 5 test tubes, (one control and four with compound) for every temperature level were added to the temperature explicit shower. The test tubes were put in the shower so that the test cylinders would rest inside the measuring glass, with the warmed or cooled water affecting the temperature inside the container. Anyway there would be no contact between the warmed water and the arrangements inside the test tube. For the following 20 minutes each arrangement of 5 test tubes was kept inside every temperature explicit measuring utencil, with the fundamental changes being made to guarantee unfaltering quality of temperature. At the point when 20 minutes was up, each arrangement of 5 test tubes was evacuated, and isolated to maintain a strategic distance from disarray of information. After the measuring glasses were taken out, 1ML of DNS was added to each test tube in every temperature, at that point the cylinders were secured with aluminum foil, lastly all the test tubes were put in a container with bubbling water for 10 minutes. Following 10 minutes all the test tubes were expelled from the bubbling water shower. Next .5ML of refined water was added to every measuring glass, at that point aluminum foil was set over the top, lastly each test tube was cooled under virus water. After all the test tubes were cooled, each arrangement of 5 was isolated and arranged for the spectrophotometer. For every temperature level the accompanying portrayal is the equivalent. The OD was set to 540 nm, and afterward the temperature clear was utilized to then set the transmission rate. At that point the four test tubes that contained the chemical were put in the Spectrophotometer and their qualities were contrasted and the clear test tube. The transmission for every one of the four variable cylinders was arrived at the midpoint of to acquire a normal for every temperature esteem. At long last a diagram was made utilizing the given information. The information acquired in the trial was then contrasted and the best fit line of the chart of the given information, and the pace of chemical action for every temperatur e was determined. Utilizing the determined information, another chart was made with temperature and rate and the X and Y hub, to show outwardly the impact of temperature of chemical movement. Utilized in this test were 6 enormous containers, for the warming and cooling of the temperature showers. Additionally utilized were a couple of little measuring utencils to hold the sucrose arrangement, the b

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Final Projects

Final Projects 21W.750: Experimental Writing My major may be materials science engineering, but my heart and mind also find themselves wandering over to writing. Writing is my minor at MIT, and I love it. Here are some of the classes I am taking or have taken, and the projects Ive done in them. 21W.750: Experimental Writing I experiment, with writing. It is awesome I feel creative and awesome and the class and professor are awesome. Each day, we would start the class by listening to, looking at, or talking about an example of experimental writing. From Dada to Pataphysics and many more, we learned a lot about different isms (Futurism, Surrealism) and types of poetry and other forms of writing. We worked with some really cool constraints, including a look at the Table of Forms.  We would have lots of assignments which involved using a constraint, such as one from the Table of Forms, to create a poem or other work. Here is a quick Transgram (a particular letter is in every word) poem: Giving giant assignments surrounding allergies blaring agonizing lights amazing grace playing dabbling damaged ageless Gods Bagging bogs, gems, figs, eggs Wagging, waving Zigging, sagging Digging, Dagging Go! Our final project for Experimental Writing was very interesting. The purpose of the project was to create some sort of chatbook with a restriction or constriction or structure that exemplifies experimental writing. As you can see below, I chose to use repetitive letter strings to form odd or funny sentences, lined them up in a creative way, and then the poem at the end is the sum of all the sentences (from the letters that are repetitive). It was a lot of fun to experiment with this and put it all together (and I got to spend SO MUCH TIME experimenting with changing fonts and sizing and structure and other formatting things) and I like the result. Ill also be submitting some of the poems to one of MITs student publications (or another student-run publication) :). 21W.750 21W.762: Poetry I write poems! Here are some of them in image form: And all of the titles ended up forming a poem of their own: I like twists like that. :) Those are some poems, I hope you enjoy them! 21W.737: 21st Century Journalism We journal journalism in the class! Its super great and sometimes the professor brings his therapy dog, Blue, to class. :) In the class, we do a lot of reading and writing. Our major assignments included writing a news piece, a profile of a person or place, and writing a book review.  All final works were published on our class website,  here. For my news article, I wrote about mental health on campus, a usual subject for me. However, this time, I took a look at our new policy changes and if they are actually doing anything on campus (yet), and what students and administrators think about the changes. Check out my stories and the articles of the other students, they are super interesting! Im Recovering at Home Thankfully, I am now out of the hospital and at home in New York. I had to miss my final classes for recovery, but thanks to Student Support Services it is all getting figured out nicely. Here I am all healthy and not in hospital scrubs: And here is Rory (calico) and her friend Mika (black cat) enjoying life: Life is getting better, final projects are complete, and Im healthy and at home. Ill be back on campus next week to finish things up, but overall, things are starting to look up!

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Mourn Me Not An Exegesis - Literature Essay Samples

Ivan Ilychs funeral, like all funerals, is not his own. While it is held in his honor, and he provides the token corpse for the occasion, each person experiences his funeral in the same self-centered way that they experience his death. Pyotr Ivanovich, one of Ivan Ilyich’s colleagues and closest friends, is no exception. Ivan Ilyich’s funeral is an undesirable trip across the river, and everything about the occasion makes him uncomfortable. When Pyotr arrives at the apartments, he is in no rush to get inside and see the neither the corpse nor Ilyich’s grieving family. Feigning chivalry but truly just dreading making an entrance, he â€Å"let the ladies go ahead of him and slowly followed them up the stairs† (41). When Pyotr sees Schwartz, another colleague of Ilyich’s, he assumes without speaking that Schwartz is hanging around in order to arrange a game of vint for the evening. This supposition is referred to as â€Å"obvious† (14). Though D eath of Ivan Ilyich features a third person omniscient narrator, the narration often zooms in to give a more detailed and personal point of view of one of the characters. The narrator is also untrustworthy in the sense that what he states is not fact; it is fact as one character, Pyotr in this case, sees it. Pyotr, short of reading Schwartz’ mind, has no way of knowing that his intention in standing idly in one place is to arrange a game of cards. In this narration, we are given insight into a character’s head and shown by his assumption that it probably is Pyotr’s own intention to arrange a game. Pyotr is already planning his activities for after the funeral, leisurely and enjoyable ones which will distract him from the unpleasantness of the affair. All of Pyotr’s thoughts and actions reflect the larger human tendency that Tolstoy wants to convey, to be self-centered and uncomfortable at funerals. As the ladies ascend the stairs, going to see â€Å"the widow† (41) it is Pyotr’s turn to go upstairs as well. Ivan’s wife is referred to by only the marital status he left her in, and likewise he is simply â€Å"the dead man† (41). These references to the deceased and his wife only further depersonalize the act of dying. When you die, you lose your individual identity and are reduced to yet another dead man, and your wife yet another widow. This makes the way that others engage with your death less personal; they are attending a funeral, like all others. Only Schwartz seems to be able to openly act towards the funeral in way that such a trite ritual deserves. Upon Pyotr’s ascension up the stairs, â€Å"Schwartz, with seriously compressed, firm lips and a playful glance, moved his eyebrows to show Pyotr Ivanovich to the right, to the dead man’s room† (41). The majority of Schwartz’ facial muscles pay the appropriate and expected respect to the dead man, but his eyes give away his secret. He is enjoying the whole charade, and wants to draw Pyotr into his insider experience. At least, this is the way that Pyotr perceives it. It is nearly impossible for one to move their eyebrow muscles sideways in the suggestive manner described in the passage, so this act of Schwartz may just be another time that his actions mirror Pyotr’s internal impressions of the funeral. Pyotr may be imagining Schwartz as his accomplice at the funeral, in not taking it seriously and only really wanting to play vint, as a way to justify the feelings that he assumes are wrong but that really all people feel at a funeral. Once Pyotr enters the room, there is nobody to give him playful hints for how to act. He â€Å"went in, as always happens, with some perplexity about what he was to do there,† (41). The narrator makes a more direct claim here about how people always feel when attending a funeral; it is a forced occasion with an assumed prescribed way of acting, but nobody knows exactly how they should act. Comically, as many people do, Pyotr reverts to religious activity in the face of his uncertainty over how to proceed. He crosses himself, because he knew only that â€Å"crossing oneself on such occasions never did any harm† (41). Religious observance is perhaps the one type of activity that always feels at home at a funeral. Pyotr’s crossing of himself doesn’t seem to come from any genuine place of deep spiritual feeling, such as believing that it serves his dead friend. As he also begins to bow halfway, unsure of if it is the couth thing to do but feeling some obligati on, Pyotr begins to people watch around him â€Å"insofar as his moving hand and head allowed him† (41). Pyotr, feeling out of place, looks again to others for how to act at the funeral. He cannot do this openly, because that would mean ceasing his crossing and bowing activity, and simply looking around at others gives no impression of respectful morning. Pyotr observes young men also crossing themselves, and though they probably feel just as lost as him, the sight is a comforting affirmation that he chose the correct behavior. Pyotr is only jolted from his observances of others’ behavior when he sees Gerasim sprinkle something on the floor and he â€Å"at once sensed a slight smell of decaying corpse† (41). This is the first time that Pyotr is reminded of why he is in the room; there is dead body present, this is a funeral. Gerasim sprinkling a substance, presumably some sort of cleaning agent, doesn’t actually cause Pyotr to smell the corpse, he simply is reminded of the situation he is in and begins to imagine the disgusting decaying body that awaits his visit. Pyotr, after having thought of the corpse and Gerasim during Ivan’s life, â€Å"kept crossing himself and bowing slightly in the intermediary direction between the coffin, the reader, and the iconswhen this movement of crossing himself seemed to have gone on too long, he stopped and began to examine the dead man† (42). This image of Pyotr doing what he thinks is correct, crossing himself in the general direction of the objects that Ilyich’s family believed were correct to place at a funeral shows the hilariously arbitrary customs of a funeral. The image serves to reinforce the idea that at a funeral people are simply acting as they believe is the correct way. The funeral, at least as Ilyich’s guests experience it, is not a personalized mourning process that serves neither the mourners nor the mourned. Pyot had just remembered a scene during Ivan Ilyich’s life involving Gerasim, a memory which referred to Ilyich by name. However Pyotr only views him as â€Å"the dead man† when approaching the body. This switch in Ivan’s identity, which takes place in the mind of one of his closest friends, reinforces further the depersonalization of one’s life in death. Ivanovich taking in the physical appearance of the corpse offers a view that doesn’t differ from any other funeral. Ilyich is once again stripped of his personal name; â€Å"the dead man lay, as dead man always lie, with a peculiar heaviness, dead-man fashiondisplaying, as dead men always do, his yellow, waxen forehead with the hair brushed forward on his sunken temples† (42). It is expected that Pyotr, upon seeing the corpse of his dead friend for the first time, would experience some remarkable emotion. To Pyotr, however, Ivan’s corpse is simply another dead man. He doesn’t think of Ilyich in the context of his individual identity, and his name is not referenced again for the rest of the selected passage. Though it is evident that Pyotr’s experience of Ivan’s funeral is mostly self-centered, it doesn’t make Pyotr necessarily a bad person or bad friend. With the repetition of â€Å"always† when describing the dead man and the f uneral, the narrator conveys that this way of experiencing the dead and the funeral is inherent, and not a product of Pyotr caring particularly little about his Ivan. Besides, mourning for the dead may be futile, as they are not necessarily worse off than they were in life. While Pyotr observes that Ilyich looks thinner than he did at their last visit, â€Å"as with all dead people, his face was more handsome, and above all more significant, than it has been in the living man. There was on his face the expression that what needed to be done had been done, and done rightly† (42). Ivan actually looks better to Pyotr than he did in life, and gives Pyotr the impression of being at peace with what he did and accomplished in life. Those who have read the entirety of The Death of Ivan Ilyich and know that Ivan lead a largely unhappy life, and only in dying found peace and happiness. Death, then, can serve as the ultimate reprieve to the series of miseries in life, and salvation from the preoccupations of life. For Ivan, these preoccupations came in the form of dreams of advancement and trying to avoid his family members. Upon looking at Ilyich, Pyotr can see that he is in a better state, and the generalization of â€Å"as with all dead people† re inforces that this is a circumstance of death and not a special case reserved for Ivan. This provides another reason that the concept of a funeral is ridiculous; not only do people feel uncomfortable and focus solely on themselves at a funeral, there’s actually no reason to mourn because people are, as Ivan clearly is, absolved of their burdensome lives in death.Even upon viewing the corpse, Pyotr cannot bring himself to confront the negative feelings associated with death. After taking in Ivan’s appearance of calm and comfort he feels that, â€Å"there was also in that expression a reproach or a reminder to the living. This reminder seemed out of place to Pyotr Ivanovich, or at least of no concern to him. Something felt unpleasant to him, and therefore Pyotr Ivanovich crossed himselfturned and went out the door† (42). Pyotr’s initial observations had been centered on the dead man’s appearance. Once he sensed a â€Å"reminder to the living,† however, a way that the dead man somehow connected or communicated to those still alive, he hated it. This conveys the idea that the living are unable to conceive of dying, and when the dead man, who Pyotr feels little personal connection to, is providing some sort of advice to the living, he instantly feels quite uncomfortable. The reminder may have been that this fate, being a semi-anonymous corpse at a funeral, is the fate that awaits us all. Either way, messages from the dead are â€Å"of no concern† to Pyotr because he doesn’t want to hear them, and doesn’t want to focus on this death at all, for that is unpleasant. The thought is enough to make him leave, but not without observing the correct process by crossing himself on the way out. Pyotr meets Schwartz on his way out of the room, and this is no accident. Schwartz is found â€Å"playing with his top hat behind his back,† (42). Always focused on playing games and seeming completely unfazed by the death, beyond mirroring Pyotr’s internal desires, Schwartz serves as a symbol for life in the story. Though he is being somewhat respectful, not openly playing with his hat, he refuses to have his spirit quelled. It makes sense, then, that after the uncomfortable encounter with the reality of death that Pyotr just experienced, â€Å"one glance at Schwartz’ playful, clean and elegant figure refreshed Pyotr Ivanovich† (42). Schwartz embodies the death-denying vitality that cannot even fathom coming to an end, and so encourages living in the moment and revelling in pleasures. Pyotr feels that â€Å"Schwartz was above it all and would not succumb to depressing impressions. His look alone said: the incident of the funeralcould in no way serve as a sufficient motive for considering the order of the session disrupted,† (42). They would indeed be cracking open a new deck of cards that evening. It is again unclear how much of Schwartz’ character is merely a projection of Pyotr’s inner feelings, in this case those about life. Either way, the aspect of human nature that cannot coexist with death is present. However, the fact that Pyotr’s mind and impressions keep returning to vint is more a sign that he is obsessed with the prospect of playing than that Schwartz is. Schwartz’ hasn’t yet made any verbal affirmation that they will be meeting for cards that evening, Pyotr is judging based off of Schwartz’ general spirit and what he projects it to mean based on his own desires. The way that Pyotr interacts with Schwartz is the way that we all interact with life; we see it meaning what most closely matches our desires. Schwartz never entered the room with the body in it, as life cannot co mprehend, much less come in contact with or accept, death. A funeral is a dreaded occasion, but ought not to be. One dreads attending funerals of friends and loved ones, and upon arrival at a funeral, it is impossible to think of the dead body as the same person that they used to know. Humans dread their own funerals, when they let their minds confront the uncomfortable idea of them, though this isn’t often. This passage from The Death of Ivan Ilyich proposes that the funeral is a ridiculous occasion because people are too uncomfortable and self-centered to mourn, and the dead don’t need mourning anyways. Ivan is the most at peace he’s ever appeared in death. Schwartz, the ultimate symbol of life, seems to be the only one who accepts that the funeral is completely useless, and he makes no effort to even pretend to go through the stages of mourning, only moves ahead with his own life. The passage overall gives an optimistic account of life, one that cannot be touched by death and one which we ought to live without preoccu pation of death.